New 15-meter trailer lift with 230 kg basket load

With its compact dimensions, low weight and great features, 1500 EX is a practical trailer-mount ready to solve various and complex tasks at height.

The new trailer-mount, type 1500 EX, has a working height of 15 m, and an outreach of 8.50 m with a 230 kg basket load. The unfolding scissor system gives the lift an increased up and over outreach over high obstacles.

Easy and steady maneuvering

A transport length of only 6.04 m, a transport height of 1.99 m and a low own weight of 2.000 kg makes maneuvering easy in narrow and awkward places. 1500 EX will, as standard, be equipped with 2-step control. This ensures smooth and steady movements.   

1500 EX platforms are mounted with hydraulic propulsion and hydraulic stabilizers. Hydraulic propulsion is a great way to operate the lift, as it provides easy and precise operation, as well as fast movement from task to task. The basket has a great rotation of ±50°, which makes it possible for 2 persons to operate parallel with e.g., a facade.

The lift also has the option of Radio Control. Drive with radio control is a perfect solution for those who need to move around the lift to spot potential obstacles.

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Low weight and lithium battery

1500 EX is powered by an electric motor, connected to 230 V mains and is especially suitable where continuous operation is required.  1500 EXB is powered by a heavy-duty battery pack, in total 24V/139Ah/5h. Operation is possible independently of 230 V mains connection.

1500 EX weighs only 2.000 kg with 230 V motor or for a greener operation the 1500 EX has the option of lithium battery.

1500 EX Trailer Mouted Lift OMMELIFT City 02
1500 EX Trailer Mouted Lift OMMELIFT Park 02