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OMMELIFT A/S launches 2 features that will heighten user experience and ease the daily work with OMME trailer lifts.

OMMELIFT now offers Drive with Radio Control from ground on smaller trailer lifts. This will ease operation of the propulsion on OMME 1300 E, 1550 EX and 1700 EX, and it makes operation more precise. The user can move around the lift when driving it, making it possible to spot potential obstacles. This will heighten user safety.

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Another strong feature about the hand-held unit is, that operation of automatic set-up can be built into the same unit. This makes it possible for the user to operate both stabilizers and propulsion from a distance, giving the user maximum flexibility. Furthermore, time spent on moving and setting up the lift are minimized.

At first the Drive with Radio Control from gorund is offered as extra equipment for OMME models 1300 E, 1550 EX and 1700 EX.

In addition to the wireless drive control, the smaller OMME trailer lifts can now also be updated with a new big and more powerful integrated nose wheel.

The robust and compact big nose wheel will function like the normal stabilizer wheels. However, the size of the wheel makes driving the propulsion easier, securing more precise drive through narrow passages and around obstacles. In addition, the wheel is better suited to drive on soft and loose grounds.

The big, integrated nose wheel is offered with models 1300 E, 1550 EX and 1700 EX.

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