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OMME LIFT is looking forward to participating again this year at the E&H trade in Herning, Denmark. At the trade, we will introduce the OMME 18.40 - our 18 m (ft 60') crawler - for the first time at a trade in Denmark

Our main focus is trailer lifts and crawler lifts and at the trade we will bring products from both categories. Our exhibition will firsthand show you our newly developed charger with boost effect, our intuitive operation of the lifts with the user in the center, and our high quality

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Lifts at E&H’18

At our booth you can experience the following lifts: MINI 12 EBJ, 1300 EB, 1550 EXB, 1700 EXB, and 18-40 RXBDJ. As a result, you can check out both our mini lifts, articulated lifts, and telescope lifts divided between trailer lifts and crawler lifts from 12 m to 18 m (ft 39’ to ft 60’)

Personal Access Platforms of the highest quality

Our core values are to be a safe and trustworthy choice for our customers – and this is reflected in our products. Our lifts have high reliability, a long lifespan and are furthermore easy to operate, which is a clear advantage e.g. regarding rental

Meet OMME LIFT at booth U0123

Come by and meet us – our experts are ready to guide you towards the best solution for exactly you and competitiveness – and check out the high quality of our lifts yourself!



How to get further information

Contact us here for more information regarding our participation at E&H’18 or for more information about our lifts – we are always available with competent guidance based on your unique situation. Follow us on LinkedIn for more interesting news.

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