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OMME 2500 RXBDJ for The Avenues Shopping Mall in Bahrain

The Avenues Shopping Mall in Bahrain has bought an OMME 2500 RXBDJ for indoor and outdoor cleaning and maintenance purposes. Therefore, Flemming Jakobsen from OMME LIFT went to Bahrain to give an introduction course into the new lift

OMME in Bahrain

The Avenues needed a lift for both indoor and outdoor cleaning and maintenance, which is why they chose an OMME 2500 RXBDJ – a true hybrid with both diesel and battery power pack. This makes the lift exceptionally flexible with full battery capacity when working indoors or in areas where noise and air pollution is prohibited or regulated, and the diesel power when heavy constant power is required. The lifts battery is even recharged when the diesel engine is running. OMME LIFT introduced our first true hybrid lift in 1994 giving us lots of experience with exactly this solution. Flemming both introduced the employees to their new lift as well as gave them a course making sure they themselves can operate their new lift

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The OMME 2500 RXBDJ – perfect for cleaning and maintenance

OMME 2500 RXBDJ is especially gentle regarding sensitive surfaces such as marble and tiles: the crawler chassis is constructed both to be powerful and to distribute the weight of the lift. In addition, OMME 2500 RXBDJ has a working height of 25 m (ft 82’), an outreach up to 13 m (ft 42’7’’) and provides an outreach of 10 m (ft 32’8’.) with a full basket load of 200 kg. A zero tail swing articulating riser gives 7 m (ft 23’) up-and-over free clearance at full stretch. The long movable jib makes final adjustments. The transit length is only 6.60 m (ft 21’7’’) but can be further reduced to 5.85 m (ft 19’7’’) without the easy removable basket. Standard width is down to 1.10 m (ft 3’8’’). All this combined makes OMME 2500 RXBDJ perfect for cleaning and maintenance at The Avenues Shopping Mall Manama, Bahrain

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40.000 m2 shopping mall

The Avenues Shopping Mall is the first shopping mall of its kind in Bahrain. The shopping mall is located on a 1.5 km stretch of coast located in the center of Manama. Inside the mall, the visitors experience the feeling of being outside even though they still are inside – protected from the sun by a allowing the light to enter. The mall is 40.000 m2 and has 130 stores half of these being restaurants and cafés all with a view over the ocean. Furthermore, there are 10 cinemas, public parks and play areas for families. The mall is about to be expanded with 30.000 m2 making room for a 210-bedroom hotel. Beside The Avenues Shopping Mall in Bahrain, OMME LIFT has delivered lifts to The Avenues Shopping Malls in other countries

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