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Omme Lift is introducing a complete new boom system on type 3710 RBDJ

Omme Lift is introducing a complete new boom system on type 3710 RBDJ. This new and improved design has a 6-sided boom section for ultimate stability and large 250 kg SWL.

It is comprised of seven sections and provides a maximum working height of 36.9 m and a horizontal reach of up to 14.2 m, a 130° articulating jib for precision positioning and a flush basket mount. The boom can be raised and extended simultaneously, helping to reach the required height in the shortest possible time.

Compact dimensions enable access into confined spaces, with a stowed height of less than 1.99 m and length of 8 m – plus the basket is easily detachable, delivering an even more compact travel length of 7.4 m. The width of 1.5 m, which provides stable travelling on slopes, can be hydraulically retracted to only 1.1m for narrow paths, corridors, and doorways.

The diesel/battery hybrid drive train ensures the 3710 RBDJ is equally suited to work in outdoor and indoor environments. The 400Ah battery pack - which is automatically recharged whenever the diesel engine is deployed - completely eliminates the well-known ‘voltage drop’ issue, which can significantly impede the operation of a mains-powered machine, even when using a relatively short power cable.

The battery power provides self-drive and fast lift operation without inconvenient and potentially hazardous connection to the mains. Moreover, power cuts or local voltage fluctuations do not have an influence on a battery lift performance. The 3710 RBDJ delivers the working height of a big boom or truck-mounted aerial, combined with a lighter weight, better all-terrain performance, and more compact dimensions.

A two-gear crawler undercarriage ensures that the lift quickly reaches the working area. The crawler chassis is designed to traverse hilly or uneven terrain. It also widely disperses the machine's ground pressure when travelling on delicate surfaces like pavements, lawns, or indoor marble flooring. Weighing just 5500 kg and offering the ability to set up on inclines of up to 30%, the Omme Lift 3710 RBDJ can work comfortably outdoors in many areas unsuitable for conventional booms which weighs up to 18 tons.


New boom system on Ommelift type 3710