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First OMMELIFT Crawler for Paramount Platforms

UK based rental company Paramount Platforms has taken delivery of its first OMMELIFT Crawler lift as it continues to expand its customer offering of specialist powered access platforms.

Lee Kerr of Paramount Platforms said: “This is our first OMMELIFT and we are really pleased with it.

“It is a very versatile machine, in particular the dual power train so it can work on the diesel engine outdoors and battery power indoors. And unlike its competitors it doesn’t have to be plugged into a mains electric supply, saving set-up time and the requirement for extension cables.”

Paramount’s first OMMELIFT is popular with its clients in telecommunications and for commercial window cleaning where narrow access is a challenge. Crawler lifts have a narrow width and low height for passing through interior doorways; tracks instead of wheels to distribute their weight; and fold-down outriggers to stabilise the machines so they can still reach significant heights.

The lift was purchased from Access Platform Sales (APS), the official UK distributor for OMMELIFT products.

OMMELIFT 3700 RJ.jpg

OMMELIFT 3700 RJ working on a commercial building