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40th jubilee at OMME LIFT A/S

Jørgen Dejgaard has been employed 40 years at OMME LIFT A/S on the 1st of May 2013

Jørgen was employed as truck driver on the 1st of May 1973 at A/S Sønder Omme Maskinfabrik, as the company was named at the time. The first years his field of work was delivery of OMME products to the Danish dealers and farmers. Later he worked with manufacturing of agricultural machinery.
In the early nineties Jørgen started working in the mounting department and rapidly he became a key person. Today Jørgen is in charge of ”picking” all parts for the various lifts, before the lifts are being painted piece by piece.

Jørgen is surrounded by mutual respect from the company management and colleagues. He is always willing to stay for another term and to participate in as many festive events as possible, being some of the reasons why Jørgen was selected employee of the year in 2011 at OMME LIFT A/S.

In his spare time Jørgen is a lover of nature with hunting and obedience school as primary interests. Cosiness with friends and family is a priority of his and moreover Jørgen is always willing to lend his children a helping hand.

The jubilee is celebrated internally at the factory on Friday the 3rd of May at 13:00.

Jørgen Dejgaard Jubilæum.jpg