Information about the service department at OMME LIFT A/S

New Service Manager at OMME LIFT A/S

We are pleased to inform you that Michel Kristensen has taken over the position as service manager for our service department as of October 2011.

Some of you will already know Michel as one of our service men from our service department. Michel has a considerable practical experience with our lifts over more than 13 years as a service man for OMME LIFT. Furthermore, he has over the last two years been responsible for planning the driving schedules of the complete service department.

Michel is ready to perform the task and he looks forward to a close co-operation.


Michel can be reached on +45 76727035,  mobile +45 20971307 or e-mail: michelk@ommelift.dk.
Together with Michel we wish to continue a positive development of our service department. In this connection we will allow ourselves to send you current information about relevant initiatives.
We hope that you will receive Michel well.