OMME MINI 15 E telescopic trailer lift

15 m trailer lift which stays at a total weight of 1500 kg

OMME MINI 15 E teleskoplift.jpg

At last a battery powered 15 m trailer lift which stays at a total weight of 1500 kg.
By introducing type Mini 15 OMME LIFT has finalized the development of the Mini-lift series which can be towed by private cars and smaller vans.

Low weight and great outreach:
The new Omme Lift has a working height of 14.9 m and an outreach of 8.6 m. The total weight is only 1500 kg in spite of features like self-drive and a heavy duty battery pack. The battery powered Mini 15 is today the only compact trailer mount of the market in this class.

With the axle retracted, the overall width is only 1.05 m enabling the Mini 15 to pass through minor double doorways and narrow openings, similar to the other lifts in the Mini series. Moreover, the transport length - less than 6 m - means easy manoeuvrability around the work site.

Up and over obstacles:
A user-friendly fly jib ensures a more convenient and precise lift operation of the Mini 15 such as the Mini 12. Further a special boom design enabling the upper boom and jib-boom to reach a free clearance of 4.9 m is standard feature. The lift is therefore very suitable for tasks up and over obstacles, both indoors and outdoors.

Battery- or mains operation:
Similar to Mini 12 the Mini 15 can be supplied with 230V mains operation.

With the Mini 15 the series of Mini-lifts tops - now including of the following 3 types:
Mini 10.5 - working height 10.5 m - outreach 6.80 m - own weight 1050 kg
Mini 12    - working height 11.9 m - outreach 7.85 m - own weight 1200 kg
Mini 15    - working height 14.9 m - outreach 8.60 m - own weight 1500 kg