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Factory extension at Omme Lift

OMME LIFT - 100 years and more dynamic than ever

Approximately a month ago OMME LIFT celebrated their 100 years jubilee for the company foundation and they have now decided to extend the factory in Sdr. Omme.

The factory of totally 3.310 m² is to be extended northwards and includes: extension of the assembly shop with 2.460 m², extension of the storage building with 443 m² and new plant construction of welfare facilities for the employees of 407 m².

The project starts at the beginning of November 2006 and is expected to be completed in April 2007.

Apart from the above mentioned extension OMME LIFT plans several investments in new machinery in other areas of the factory.

It is anticipated that the total investments in buildings and machinery in 2007 will be approx. 22 million DKK.

The cause of this extension is the significant growth of OMME LIFT. Through the last 3 years the turnover has increased with more than 30% each year and it is already now to foresee that this increase will also continue in 2007.

OMME LIFT exclusively manufactures personal platforms – more than 85 % for exports. During the last year the number of employees of the company has raised from 86 to 111, from which 6 are employed in the subsidiary company in Germany. The growth within 2007 will lead to OMME LIFT already now searching for further manpower.

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