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100 years anniversary

Omme Lift

On Friday the 15th September 2006 OMME LIFT was celebrating. It was 100 years ago that Frederik Lorentzen settled as a smith in Soender Omme. It was his smith that the sons Frode Lorentzen and Kristian Lorentzen took over in 1947 and the smith, which over time has been turned into the engineering plant of today, named OMME LIFT. Today the company is owned by Torben und Harry Lorentsen.

All day was one great event!

At 09:00 the employees presented a gift, that they had been preparing for the company. A nice embellishment of the OMME entrance including fountain and stone work. Afterwards the employees had arranged for a coffee morning.

From 10:00-13:00 showing rounds for invited customers, suppliers, friends of the house and not least relations to the employees at OMME LIFT were taking place in the factory. After the showing round lifts were demonstrated and food and beverages were available all day. In this period approx. 500 guests showed up, seeing a modern product plant working. Approx. 50 guests were customers from foreign countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Germany. Delicious food and beverages, delivered from the local “Kro” and the music played made this day unforgettable.

At 13:30 the management team of OMME LIFT expressed its satisfaction with the employees by handing out a special bonus of DKK one million in total. A special bonus, which one can surely say, the employees liked and appreciated.

The celebration activities in Lægårdsvej 7 ended at 15:00, where several, taking part in this celebration, had to go home to rest and to get ready for the evening event.

At 17:30 the doors were opened at the Soender Omme sports centre and the centre was soon filled with OMME LIFT customers, friends and employees accompanied. The board for the Soender Omme sports centre and many other volunteers had decorated the sports centre for the official celebration, serving and servicing all night long. The Sdr. Omme bakery and catering arranged for the delisious evening catering gourmets. As a climax the Sdr. Omme bakery and catering served their present - an impressive jubilee cake.

At 19:45 Frode, Torben and Harry Lorentsen could thank for all the lovely presents that they had received and that so many guests from far and near had taken the time to participate in the event. Not least they appreciated that the board of the Soender Omme sports centre without hesitation had taken up the challenge of arranging the celebration. For this effort the Soender Omme sports centre received a cheque amouting to DKK 40,000.- as a contribution to a renovation of the sports centre. To support the major voluntary work, being done for beautyfying and renewing of the sports centre, Frode Lorentsen (chairman of the board for OMME LIFT) moreover handed over 2 cheques of each DKK 100,000.-. The cheques were received gratefully by the head of the sports centre - Kirsten Andreasen.

At 20:15 the Henning Stærk Band, a famous Danish rockband, made sure of a cosy atmosphere - one and a half hour showing an remarkable energy. The OMME LIFT guests were dancing and having fun.

After this concert a local band - the “Rock a Trio”- took over and made sure that the dancing went on.

At 02:00 we all went home having this successful all-day event in mind - and the echo of the town has not become silent yet.