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Way out

Access platform users are often in the lack of outreach when working up and over buildings or other obstacles. This problem can now be solved with the new lift from OMME LIFT.

Compact and versatile - that is the best description of the new trailer mounted lift. The lift not only has a working height of 18 metres, but it also provides an exceptional long up and over outreach. The basket capacity takes either two persons, or one person with tools and materials to 10 metre plus.

When using a standard 18 metre telescopic lift, the operator must always consider if sufficient outreach is achievable - especially when it is necesarry to include the big tool box. This is possible with the new trailer lift. The basket load is 200 kg in the entire operating area.

The hydraulic stabilizers provide easy setting. The turnable basket gives the operator the possibility of using the full basket width in all positions e.g. alongside facades. On site manoeuvering is done by the self- propulsion system, and the proportional controls provide both rapid and precise lift operation.

The transport length is only 6.7 metres, the width is 1.6 metres and the height is less than 2 metres.

A zero tail swing articulating riser makes the max. outreach achievable with a free clearance of more than 6 metres.

The self-propulsion system is operational from a stand-on platform giving the operator a good view while manoeuvering.

The max. working height is 18.3 metres and the max. outreach is 10.2 metres.

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