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Compact telescopic access on crawlers working heights from 17.5 - 30.0 metres

OMME LIFT expands the programme with a series for mounting on crawler chassis'. The first units, type 2200, have a working height of 21.8 m and an outreach of 12.2 m. The new platforms can be delivered with a bi-energy power pack (battery and diesel). This combination is increasing the level of utilization as it makes the platform operational in both indoor and outdoor situations. Furthermore, the bi-energy pack also allows operation in areas where fume or noise pollution is reguliated, e.g. near education or residential centres.

The diesel engine provides a gradeability approaching 40%, equivalent to 21,8°, a hostile environment where lift deployment is also possible. Underlining the general stability is the easy self-propulsion manoeuvrability across a 30% (16,7°) slope. Combined with the strong, non-skid crawler belts the platform is indeed cross country access. This all-terrain facility is not only for park and woodland areas, but also for working in town centres when it is necessary to overcome kerbs or other obstacles.

The self-propulsion system is operated electronically and comfortably from a small, light weight control box. The proportional levers provide quick or pricise driving, depending on what the situation requires.

By design optimizing the aim of making a compact unit has been achieved. The transit height is under 2 m, the length 6.4 m and the transit width 1.1 m. This means easy movement on narrow paths or pavements. Due to the small dimensions admittance through narrow and low doorways or arches into back yards, courts or other less accessable surroundings, is also possible.

The crawler chassis not only provides great strength, but is also dispersing the allready low weight widely. This is important when operating on more sensitive surfaces such as floortile, flagged foot paths, wooden floorings, or if the platform is craned into new storey buildings where the horizontal divisions require low weight.

The flexible stabilizers allow deployment on large uneven levels like hilly ground, steps or landings. In narrow and inconvenient places it is possible to adjust the stabilizer spread according to the requested working envelope.

Tree pruning, put ups, replacements, cleaning and general maintenance are typical areas of action. But also building sites where 12-14 ton self-propelled booms are too heavy. With non-marking belts the platform is operational on almost every surface, whether it is indoor or outdoor activities.

The total weight of type 2200, together with a purpose designed transport trailer, is only 3500 kg. This means easy site to site transport.

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