2100 E

2100 E

  • True Hybrid
  • Robust and powerful
  • Short transport length
  • Easy and intuitive controls

2100 E, 2100 EB and 2100 EBD are identical apart from their power sources. Standard features include hydraulic stabilizers with interlocks, basket rotation and proportional controls with dual controls to ground and basket. Design features include a basket mounting that forms a "fly" boom mounted to the top boom section and gives increased outreach over obstacles. The specially designed steel booms made from high and broad profiles allow greater outreach whilst maintaining a high degree of stability and rigidity. Being shorter in travel length than most machines of this type, the 2100 E-series allows improved manoeuvrability.

2100 E is mains powered 230 V/16 A and is especially suitable, where continuous or extended operation is required.

2100 EB is powered by a heavy duty 24 V battery pack with built-in charger capable of charging the batteries whilst the platform is in use. 2100 EB is especially suited for jobs, without mains access.

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