Mini 12 EJ

Mini 12 EJ

Mini 12 EJ is powered by 230V mains and is especially suitable where continuous operation is required.

Mini 12 EBJ is powered by a heavy duty 24V/120 Ah battery pack with built-in charger capable of charging the batteries whilst the platform is in use. Operation is also possible independently of mains connection.

Adjustable travelling width:
With the axles retracted, the overall width is down to 1.02 m which enables the lift to pass through narrow openings.
Standard features also include hydraulic stabilizers, tool tray and power outlet in the basket.

Fly jib:
The fly jib provides access up and over roof edges or other difficult to reach areas. The jib also lifts the basket up behind obstacles. Generally, the fly jib means more convenient and precise maneuverability. The telescopic boom ensures quick up and down movements and enables full unrestricted outreach to be achieved even at low level. Furthermore, the tail swing falls within the area of the outrigger footprint so the operator does not need to worry about slewing the knuckle into fixed structures around the set up area.

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