1830 EX

1830 EX

  • Great outreach
  • Easy and precise operation
  • Hydraulic propulsion

    1830 EX is powered by an electric motor, connected to 230 V mains and is especially suitable where continuous operation is required.

    1830 EXB is powered by a heavy duty battery pack, in total 24V/200 Ah/5h. Operation is possible independently of 230 V mains connection.

    The low centre of gravity provides a secure transport after the towing vehicle.

    The 1830 E platforms are mounted with hydraulic propulsion, turnable basket and hydraulic stabilizers. When equipped with hydraulic propulsion the platform can propel itself around the work site. Operation from a special platform, giving a complete overview. The turnable basket makes it possible for 2 persons to operate parallel with e.g. a facade.

    The 1830 E platforms are equipped with an unfolding scissor system, giving the lift an increased up and over outreach over high obstacles. When operating the scissor system up and down the basket will follow a vertical line. Furthermore the lift has no tail swing at rotation. Electric wiring to the basket is protected inside the telescopic boom. The telescopic cylinder is protected under the boom.

    The 1830 E platforms are fitted with straightforward control, in the basket and at ground level. The hydraulic levers for the stabilizers are placed centrally on the chassis. The proportional controls ensure steady and smooth movements. The basket load of 200 kg applies in the complete working envelope.

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