18.40 RXJ

18.40 RXJ

Type 18.40 RXJ has an articulating riser system working in a straight vertical line providing maximum up and over outreach.

The compact dimensions give exceptional maneuverability in confined spaces. Simple and intuitive controls make operator instruction easy and work quicker.

The standard version includes petrol engine and battery power. Continuous re-charge without interruptions is possible with an on-board charger during lift operation.

True hybrid Diesel engine and battery power with automatic re-charge of the battery pack when the engine is on.

As on the standard version continuous re-charge is also possible with the on-board charger during lift operation. Battery power means no direct mains power annoyance with trailing power cables and voltage drop.

Battery only version No fume operation with an extra, large battery capacity. In order to accommodate extreme and long term usage a double charger pack for direct mains connection is included.

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