Tree work

  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Designed to traverse soft, muddy and hilly terrain.
  • The up to 40% set-up ability provides operation on levels where self-propelled booms and scissor lifts are unfit to work due to too steep inclines.
  • Time is a vital factor as a lot of tree work is piecework. Whether it is tree work in parks, woodland areas or in town centres, the rapid 2-gear undercarriage is quickly in position.

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The crawler chassis is also dispersing the machine's weight widely when travelling on delicate surfaces like pavements, lawns or similar. Generally, applications where high and extensive reach is required but low weight a necessity.

See this inspiring movie from a tree job in USA using a 2750 RXJ crawler lift.



USA Ommelift 2750 RXJ tree 2.jpg


Denmark 2 Ommelift 2500 RXJ tree.jpg