Insulated lifts

  • Insulated tracked platform Category C 46kV
  • ANSI A92.2 compliant
  • 3 boom insulation areas
  • Robust and powerful
  • Heavy duty shield package
  • Simultaneous boom functions
  • True Hybrid

Glass fiber

Omme Insulted lifts is designed for working close to power lines. All booms are insulated with Waco fibre glass sections which enables safe work operations. The articulated boom make the lift easy manoeuvrable in application. An Insulated lift is ideal for working near power lines, high voltage and for the aborist industry.

True Hybrid System

OMME Insulated lift comes with true hybrid systems as standard features. It gives the lift optimal power source utilization. The batteries are automatically re-charged when the engine is on. Engine stop accommodates automatic change from engine to battery power and vice versa. It means you have the possibility to operate the lift in a longer period of time, and dont need to worry of having enough energy for a workday. The continuous recharge of the battery pack is also possible with an on-board charger during lift operation and without disconnection when the lift is in motion.


The crawler chassis is powerful when driving off-road, and setting up on rough terrain. The stabilizers allow the machine to be set-up on uneven levels up to 40% (21.8°).

Lift operation

The lift steering is simple and intuitive. The lift comes with a multi-function accessories from wireless drive control, which make the lift operation easy and more quick.


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Omme 2650 iRX-46kV