Application of Ommelift in airports

Airports with their large, bright spaces present great challenges when it comes to e.g. cleaning and maintenance. With a constant flow of travelers, it's important to have a lift that is quick to set up and take down, easy-to-use, does not harm the surface, saves space and is at no inconvenience to visitors.

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OMMELIFTS are designed to handle these challenges. Click on the advantages below and learn more.

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Doesn't take up much space

Our lifts have compact dimensions making them take up only limited space. 

Minimum noise and air pollution

Is your working area filled with travelers, whom you don’t want to bother with noise or air pollution? A battery powered lift, for instance OMMELIFT 1700 EXB or a true hybrid, for instance OMME LIFT 2750 RXBDJ, gives you minimum noise pollution.

In addition, both battery and hybrid power are ideal for operation in areas where both noise- and air pollution is unsuitable or prohibited.


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Time saving

With an OMMELIFT you get from one job to the next quick and easy. With intuitive controls and quick set-up and take-down, OMMELIFTs saves you valuable time on the job.

Low ground pressure

Tiles, marple or wooden floors? It is important to have a gentle lift! The crawler chassis is dispersing the machine's already low weight widely when travelling on delicate surfaces. Generally, in connection with working at airports where high and extensive reach is required but low weight a necessity.


Low weight

Low weight is an evident advantage of an OMMELIFT – the weight proportion between an OMMELIFT and a self-propelled articulated boom lift is approximately 1:3 in favour of OMMELIFT. When the boom lift is too heavy an OMMELIFT is highly usable.

An OMMELIFT can reach areas at the airport, which would be unreachable with heavier lifts.

Intuitive controls

OMMELIFTS are mounted with easy-to-use and intuitive controls in both the basket and in the tower. Furthermore, OMMELIFTS have easy understandable instructions making the lifts prompt to use – OMME LIFT puts the user in focus.

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Ommelift 2750 RXJ

Getting around and up and over obstacles

The Jib Arm

With a Jib Arm from OMME LIFT you can both get up and over obstacles and raise the basket up behind obstacles and thereby reach a larger work area. The long, moveable Jib Arm gives you flexible settings for your airport maintenance – for instance check out our 25 m (ft 82’) crawler lift OMMELIFT 25.00 RXJ with a jib-arm.

Basket suspension with a ”fly” boom

All trailer lifts from OMME LIFT has a “fly” boom mounted on the top boom section giving increased outreach over obstacles.

Articulating riser

Articulated lifts have an extra outreach over obstacles – and when the articulating riser is moved up and down, the basket will move on a vertical line – look at our 18 m (ft 60’) articulated trailer lift OMMELIFT 1830 EX

Remarkable jack up!

The wide, narrow or extremely narrow stabilizer positions allow deployment in tight areas or other inconvenient places. The up to 40% set-up ability provides operation where self-propelled booms or scissors are unfit to work due to too steep inclines like hilly grounds, steps or landings.


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