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OMMELIFT has a long tradition connected with producing quality products with our customers wishes and needs being in focus. Our lifts are both known for their high quality and reliability as well as their long lifespan. We are engaged in creating strong relationships with both our customers, our contractors, as well as our staff with these relationships based on mutual trust, reliability, and professional cooperation.

OMMELIFT is a third-generation family-owned corporation and we have been through a significant development through the last 100 years: from the local smithy in 1906 to the modern, international manufacturing company we are today. Ever since the beginning, OMMELIFT has been a proud company with strong roots and connections within our local community, which continues to live on. The basic values of the Jutlandic heath – were we have our origin – is an incorporated part of our identity


Honesty, diligence, and loyalty


OMMELIFT has in its disposal a modern production area spanning more than 18.000 square meters and employing approx. 110 employees. Today, OMMELIFT exports 85 % of the total turnover to more than 70 countries reaching areas from USA in the west to Australia in the east, and from Greenland up north to Africa down south. OMMELIFT markets and maintains our lifts in Denmark by ourselves, and in the export market the sales and maintenance is obtained through importers and agents.

OMMELIFT has excelled over the last years being nominated and winning several prizes. Amongst those are: King Frederiks IX’s Honorary Award in Export, Ernest and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year and Børsen’s Gazelle Company.




In 2018, Omme Lift are expanding with new office space