In need of a lift which works without access to mains voltage? Then you're in the right place! This advantage and many more are defining for Omme Lift's battery powered lifts. If you have any questions, comments, etc., click here to contact us

Battery Powered lifts

Our battery powered lifts are always ready to use - just turn them on and you'll be working right away!

Omme Lift's battery powered lifts has among others these clear advantages:


  • The battery pack provides you with capacity for a day's worth of work
  • You can use the battery powered lift where no mains voltage is available
  • The battery produces fast movements for the lift
  • Battery power is silent
  • Battery power provides you with optimal force and speed on the lift's propulsion


If you want to use the lift continuosly - just connect it to mains voltage and it turns on the charger! Meanwhile, the lift will maintain the clear advantages of battery power

Battery power and Omme Lift are closely connected

Battery power from Omme Lifts will give you lots of advantages